Volunteer your time

As a volunteer you can make a difference in your local community. You will get a unique opportunity to increase your network and improve your social and professional skills.

Many different opportunities for volunteering

Volunteering is many different things. In Gladsaxe Municipality, there are many different organisations, where you can become a volunteer. There are organisations within sport, culture, music, nature and the social- and health area.   

Be a volunteer in one of Gladsaxe's institutions

There are different institutions in Gladsaxe where you can become a volunteer. You can for example work at a library or at a Senior Citizens' Centre. Often they need help with very different things for example mentees, helping young people with their homework, cultural activities etc. However, in some institutions it may be a requirement that you speak at least a little Danish.

I would like to become a volunteer – what do I do?

If you know where you would like to become a volunteer, you are always welcome to contact the organisation or the public institution where you would like to work. You can find contact details (in Danish) for organisations here, and for public institutions here. You can also look for a volunteer job in the english-language national database volunteering.dk

I do not know what I would like to do  - or how to find the right volunteer job for me

If you are not sure which type of volunteer job would be a good match for you, you are welcome to contact the volunteering team in Gladsaxe Municipality. They will try to help you find a job that will match your wishes.


Get a job as a volunteer. We try to inspire people to find the volunteer work that matches their interests and skills.


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