Registration and CPR number upon arrival in Denmark

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To become registered and receive a CPR number your stay in Denmark must exceed 3 months.

  • If you live in Gladsaxe Municipality, you have to go to the Citizen Service, Rådhus Alle 7, 2860 Søborg.
  • If your stay in Denmark is less than 3 months, do not register.




The steps in the registration process

  1. Book an appointment at the Gladsaxe Citizen Service
  2. Meet in person at the Gladsaxe Citizen Service:
    1. Passport or National ID Card
    2. Lease/ lodging host statement
    3. EU Citizens: Registration certificate (registration certificate can be obtained from the SIRI) 
    4. Not EU Citizens: Residence permit (residence permit can be obtained from Immigration SIRI 
    5. Children’s birth certifacate if you bring children.
    6. Marriage certificate if you are married


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