Gladsaxe – the Center of Greater Copenhagen

The Municipality of Gladsaxe is an urbanized and business friendly area in the center of Greater Copenhagen, with attractive business areas, giving home to a variety of businesses in a wide range of industries. Gladsaxe municipality has a long history of creating favorable and welcoming business conditions, and has been home to several of the largest companies in Denmark, for decades.

The continued growth of the municipality is a vital focal point in Gladsaxe, and the municipality is in the process of actively changing, in order to ensure further growth and prosperity for our businesses. These exciting changes include a future light rail, restructuring our business areas and increased focus on collaboration, regionally as well as globally.

With a focus on attracting new businesses, Gladsaxe provides increased business friendly conditions to businesses who, through innovation and environmental focus, are capable of providing the products and services of the future.

Business Services
Gladsaxe Business Service is your direct access for business issues to the municipality. The service provides information in English. The Business Service provides information and guidance, and arranges contacts, meetings with local relevant trade related organizations, authorities and all kinds of public and private assistance.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions about doing business in Gladsaxe.

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For Companies
Copenhagen Capacity - The official organization for investment promotion, business development and cluster growth in The Capital Region of Denmark.
Invest in Denmark – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) 
Tax, Customs and Duties in Denmark (SKAT) 
Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT) - The Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT) is the Danish government's official register to report a foreign service. Foreign service providers (employees and self-employed) working in Denmark must register at the RUT.
Vaeksthus Copenhagen - Offers guidance to startups and businesses with ambitions towards growth and reaching new heights of success. The guidance is free of charge.
Find information, tools, templates and examples of how to start a business in Denmark:

For Employees
International House Copenhagen - a public-private partnership ready to help you settle in in Copenhagen. Get assistance with your paperwork, job searching, networking and much more.
International Citizen Service (ICS) - Help with the paperwork, Personal Guidance and Useful information
LifeinDenmark - all about paperwork, registration, healthcare and other practical issues when moving to Denmark
InterNations. Copenhagen Expat Community - Your Expat Community in Copenhagen


Business Services 

City Hall
Rådhus Allé 7
2860 Søborg
Tel.: +45 39 57 50 15

Gladsaxe Citizen Service

City Hall
Rådhus Allé 7
2860 Søborg
Tel.: +45 39 57 50 00

Monday-Wednesday: 10.00-14.00
Thursday: 10.00-18.00
Friday: 10.00-14.00